Summer in the City

Acrylic Paint on Panel
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 Three six sided hexagon boards, 4’ to 3’ to 2’ The pattern consist of 60 degree angles. Colors are coral, teal, gold/yellow, silver, white and holographic black.
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About This Installation

As I was creating this piece, I thought about my childhood summers, growing up in South Lansing. I regularly rode my bike on the River Trail with my brother, sister and cousins. Our Grandmother lived in North Lansing, and we would use that route for a visit, to her house. We were always amazed, how quickly we could get across town, on our bikes. Such a bright spot, so honored to have an installation in such a memorable part of Lansing, for me. South Lansing is where my heart will always be. At that time, Miami Vice was such a popular television show.

The colors I pick, remind me of that time in my life and the freedom the River Trail gave us, when we got on your bikes. Strong vibrant colors, mixed with black and white. Also the retro style of the mid 1980’s, favoring Art Deco. The coral, gold and teal all play into the theme and time frame. Mid 1980’s EVERYTHING was neon. Using the hard edge style of painting, with these bold colors, gives it a crips, clean feel, not to mention vibrancy. The graduating sizes, show scale and dimension. The vibrant hexagons pull your attention from different angles.  Colorful and engaging, exactly like I remember the River Trail of my childhood. I hope “Summer in the City” brings you back to a childhood moment, full of freedom. Reminding everyone to enjoy everyday of this beautiful season.

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Elm Park

This large green space is part of a well-loved park frequented by the community. This family-friendly space could be reimagined with a sculpture or installation.


About The Artist

Christine Beals
, MI

Christine Beals is a lifelong resident of the Lansing area. She spent the majority of her career with antiques and furniture restoration, developing an eye for quality and craftsmanship--particularly in the realm of all things vintage.

Her art is born out of an interest in artistic and spiritual expression with a desire to join color and space in an outdoor setting. She hopes that when people see her creations they and are both comforted and inspired.

Christine currently lives in Haslett with her husband and four Bernese Mountain dogs, surrounded by natural inspiration.

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