Hustle and Motivate

Spray Paint and Exterior Paint
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This image shows the artist's submission.  Photos of the final artwork will be posted when the artist has finished installing their work.
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About This Installation

Public art has the power to transform spaces and bring people together, and my goal is to create a piece that is visually engaging but also meaningful and inclusive. My mural, Hustle, and Motivate, centers around creating art that reflects the character and history of the surrounding community of Lansing, MI. This mural will depict two Lansing residents I deeply admire for their dedication to their community. Both residents are essential workers in transportation and healthcare, and both are committed to their communities' wellness through gardening and exercise. This mural aims to celebrate the value they bring to the community. This work will incorporate typography and Lansing residents as I strive to create pieces that draw the local viewer in and inspire reflection and conversation.

As an artist, I am fascinated by the connection between form and content in my work. Working with spray paint has allowed me to explore this connection. Spray paint is an incredibly versatile medium that offers much creative freedom. Its ready-made colors and the ability to quickly cover much ground allow me to create large-scale pieces with a lot of depth and dimensionality. As an art form, graffiti originated as a tool for disenfranchised people marginalized by mainstream society to assert their presence in public spaces and claim ownership over their environment. The form of graffiti has evolved, with many artists using spray paint to create large-scale murals that transform urban areas into vibrant works of art as part of the medium's rich history.

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Find on the Trail

Side of the Shiawassee Bridge, West Side

We crossed the river again this year and continued to extend ArtPath on the West side of the Grand River. This mural site is on the side of the Shiawassee Bridge and it is a short walking distance from the beautifully restored 1930's power plant which is now home to the AF group.


About The Artist

Dustin Hunt
Ann Arbor
, MI

Dustin Hunt is a Michigan-based, multidisciplinary creative, founder of Muralmatics and ARTISFRESH, and co-founder of Below the Stacks. Hunt specializes in site-specific, large-scale murals in various communities throughout Michigan. With a background as a graffiti artist, Hunt earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Michigan State University's College of Arts and Letters and later completed a teacher certification from the College of Education at the same university.

Bringing people together through public art, Hunt has a community-focused approach. In 2018 he founded Muralmatics, a platform that allowed him to combine his art practice with his commitment to the community. He facilitates collaborative mural projects for many public and private organizations through this organization. Hunt has completed many commissioned art projects, including works for the City of East Lansing (East Lansing, MI), Illect Recordings (Rochester, MN), and Coalmine Records (Brooklyn, NY). He has also frequently participated in festivals, showcasing his work at events such as Recovery Month Murals (Detroit, MI), Heartside Historic Murals (Grand Rapids, MI), and ARTery Alley (Lansing, MI). Hunt co-founded and directed the Below the Stacks City-Wide Mural Festival (Lansing, MI). He has discussed these projects as a panelist at public talks and presentations, and his work has been featured in print and online publications.

Dedicated to using art as a tool for social change, Hunt is a respected and valuable member of the art community. He has been the Community Artist in Residence at the College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn, IL), as well as the recipient of numerous artist grants, including the 2022 Grit Fund Project Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (Washington, DC), and the 2019 Arts Impact Grant from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing (Lansing, MI).

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