Crown Jewel

Aluminum and Steel
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Three rusted sheets of 3/8” rusted metal approximately 7-feet tall. There are varying size circles cut within plate metal. Some of the circles are not complete. The body of the sculpture is cubbish like a block of Swiss cheese with holes cut within it. At the top inside circle there is a 10-inch blue sapphire sphere like a bowling ball that floats within the circle with only a half inch of space around it.
This image shows the artist's submission.  Photos of the final artwork will be posted when the artist has finished installing their work.
Artist Talk
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Aug 31, 2023
This 1-Hour Artist Talk is scheduled for
Thursday, August 31, 2023
Aug 31, 2023
Aug 31, 2023
6:00 pm
Video will be posted following the event.
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About This Installation

I am driven to create art out of discarded metal materials. This specific piece, Crown Jewel, was created out of rusted steel remnants. As I began assembling this piece, my focus was to create a circular metaphor out of something rigid and angular. I was inspired to create my vision of space and planets. I envisioned cosmic dust and solar waves in deep space circumnavigating our blue planet or "Crown Jewel”. The negative space of Crown Jewel represents black holes and the mystery of how we float perfectly on an axis that revolves around the sun on a perfect trajectory that maintains life. My work often focuses on the balance of space, time, light, earth, and man.

The negative space of the missing circles brings our outside world into focus. They are a snapshot capturing the center of the universe. The circle is a continuation of a never-ending line. It represents the infinity of wholeness and completeness of our universe.

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Karen & Jerry Jennings

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About The Artist

Chance B. Liscomb
, MI

The essence of assemblage sculpture doesn’t rely on beauty alone but instead integrates the composition of a sculpture’s structure and form. To bring cold, clumsy masses of steel into order, into a sense of freedom, poses a lusty challenge in working with the medium. I openly accept this challenge, knowing abstract sculpture is a noble pursuit if the aesthetic moves the viewer.

Often, my need to create is insatiable, which cushions my perpetual drive to fashion a poem, an art piece, a meal, or a painting. What better way to live than within the creative realm of an artful life, composing physical forms in space.

Round forms are beautiful, complete, and full of romance. The industrial revolution accustomed us to squares and angles, which are hard straight lines for the eyes. But I believe that because of the natural curve of the eye, curvilinear shapes will always trump squares and hard angles. Therefore, the majority of the art I assemble is fluid and round. To me, circles represent the continuation of, and the very essence of, the loop of life we all experience.

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