Human Presence

Mirror, Steel and Vinyl
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A large mirror filled with colorful abstract shapes is framed by steel beams attached to concrete in the ground. As the viewer approaches the piece they are brought into reflection with their environment while observing that the colorful shapes are transparent. As they move around the sculpture they notice that it is flat, about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. As they move around to the other side the multi colored shapes will catch the light and project a colorful reflection on the ground. Each shape is round, clustered together in five groups, four in pairs orbiting a central clump of nine shapes. These shapes and their composition pay tribute to the discarded piles of litter along the trail; even though they are abstracted, one can observe their echo in these new forms.
This image shows the artist's submission.  Photos of the final artwork will be posted when the artist has finished installing their work.

About This Installation

With this project, I was inspired by the human presence I found along the river trail. Walking along they would jump out at me; a leftover lighter, a pile of chips, or some bottles. These were unexpected compositions and they had such power; I needed to document them. Their scattering had momentum, weight, and a story. These were also temporary forms, as people moved through the river trail old forms would give way to new ones. Buildings, trails, and art constantly changing the visual landscape. I wanted to preserve these compositions, elevate and highlight them; I wanted to investigate why they are overlooked. They are part of this space and signs that people existed here.

For this piece I preserve, acknowledge, and reflect on our human presence within this site. The final composition is cut from colored film and laminated between mirrored acrylic. The gels will act as stained glass, elevating the abstracted compositions to a higher level. While the mirrored surface reflects the site and viewer around the piece. This centers the piece to its location and prompts the viewer to reflect on themselves as part of the environment.

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Find on the Trail

Buchard Park South

This site is South of Buchard Park and a short walking distance away from the fish ladder. This grassy area is near a trail head and a playground is close by. This highly visible site can be seen from the trail and from the street.


About The Artist

Henry Moonrod
, MI

My background is in image making; my BA is in media and studio art from the University of South Carolina. I’ve worked for four years in the television and film industry moving between positions on set before ending up as a camera man and editor. I’ve worked up from small indie projects to large commercials for national brands. I’ve also worked in photography, everything from film to digital to wet plate techniques.

My work has developed from a background of technical precision and a love for DIY experimentation. As a commercial video editor by trade, I am constantly pushed to pay attention to the smallest details, frame by frame. The expectation always being that the product I produce is visually perfect, without fingerprints, an invisible frame to see the message and content of the advertisement. I become a tool that follows instructions. As an artist my interest is in making my own instructions, my own method and process for creating an image. I want to free myself from having to stay within the expectations of traditional image making.

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