Vinyl Marches On

Vinyl Records on Wooden Panel
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About This Installation

The inspiration for my ArtPath project is a very Lansing story. Like many Lanstronauts, my wife and I spend a lot of time on the River Trail every summer and actually got engaged on the bridge near Adado Park. Needless to say, this is our home and the incredible pieces put up by artists over the years have brought us a lot of joy and inspiration.

When I was considering submitting to ArtPath this year, I mentally went back to watching the Silver Bells parade last winter. The sounds and movement of the marching bands through the streets of downtown made me consider how awesome it is to see those same type of outfits, songs and pageantry on the covers and records from decades ago. Creating a marching band out of hundreds of cut up vinyl records to line the river walk and make folks feel like they were in motion and walking alongside those band members was the right combination of my work and how it can be presented on the River Trail. I hope the regulars, visitors, fish seekers, bikers, runners and folks just out for a stroll can get a little joy out of seeing and maybe hearing those old-fashioned albums cut into those old-fashioned designs. Vinyl Marchs On brings an old medium into a new light and shows that some traditions can be reimagined while keeping their original essence.

This ArtPath location is made possible in part by generous contributions from
Michelle Massey & Joe Findlater

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About The Artist

Michael Pleyte
, MI

My work began and continues centering around repurposing. I started collecting vinyl records at a relatively young age and always enjoyed the ritualistic part of listening to vinyl. My large record collection and a $5 rotary tool I picked up at a garage sale one summer sparked a 10+ years of creative adventure after I was asked to make a handmade gift.

Rummaging through local record store bins, thrift stores, and estate sales for something likely headed to a landfill and turning it into something new is an incredibly fun and often surprising task. I find handwritten lyrics, postcards, notes, and all sorts of goodies from decades ago left behind by someone listening to their favorite album not knowing it would find a new home on someone’s wall as a repurposed piece of artwork. I love the process of making each piece and look forward to doing it for years to come.

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