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A jewel-crafted shape of a gemstone-like object centered in colorful stained glass window type display of abstract floral pedals projecting outwards like a rose using some soft curvy pedals mixed with sharp triangular pedals.
This image shows the artist's submission.  Photos of the final artwork will be posted when the artist has finished installing their work.
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About This Installation

Plato once called this sacred geometric shape that occurs naturally, the 5th element or “universe” aka “Quintessence”. The 12 faces of the interconnecting pentagons correspond to the 12 months and constellations of the zodiac.

Like the garnet pictured at the center, which also happens to be my birthstone and the stone of January (which is when I first received the invitation for this year's Artpath proposal), it naturally occurs in that dodecahedron form, like many other amazing elements and crystals here on earth. As many people know me for my crystal wing mural under the Shiawassee St bridge (from ArtPath 2018), I feel it’s fitting to show both how I and Artpath have grown, not apart, but simply on paralleled paths. The patterns that I chose to use in a mandala form, accentuate the dodecahedron in a way that flows out effortlessly, like the positive high frequencies (good vibes) I try to bring with me, wherever I go.

The colors I chose are of course diverse and vibrant, capturing the eyes with the first 3 layers corresponding to the first 3 chakras, but in reverse order so that it contrasts and highlights the garnet in the center, in a beautiful way. The blue background not only is more aesthetically appealing than any other color I compared it to but serves as a reminder that we are all composed of the same thing, despite what we look like on the outside, water, and stardust! It is also associated with the 5th chakra, Vishudda, and expression.

The Sanskrit word for dodecahedron is “space”, so I chose to amplify and beautify this space in such a way that ties in beautifully with Artpath and my purpose of why I share my intuitive art and wisdom with the world.

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Under the 496 Bridge - wall

This long wall under the 496 Bridge is home to a number of murals from ArtPath's history.


About The Artist

Tamara 'TeaMurduh' Brown
, MI

Lansing local multi-disciplinary intuitive artist & visionary Tamara Brown, aka TeaMurduh is a lifelong artist. From a young age, she has always created her lines instead of coloring inside the lines of others. Her art came to life in high school, where her art teacher put her work in her first art show. Since then, she TeaMurduh has exhibited state-wide. Art has always been an emotional outlet for her, especially after experiencing loss, to say she pours her whole heart and soul into her art, is anything but an exaggeration. She has studied many different subjects over the years and uses her knowledge and understanding of the universe to make connections incorporates that into her artwork.

In 2017 she created a large-scale mural for ArtPrize titled “Be the Light''. In 2018 she was awarded the People's Choice Award in the inaugural ArtPath project for her uplifting mural, “Break Free”, which is a highly sought-after selfie spot in Lansing. In 2019 she worked with the Clinton County Arts Council to create the Legendary Artist Passage in St. John’s, MI. This project brought people of all ages and backgrounds from the surrounding area to work together and beautify the space. Her large-scale mural titled “Love Thyself” was created to help inspire people to love all parts of themself, no matter how bright or dark it may seem. In 2021 she graduated as Valedictorian from Full Sail University with a degree in Audio Production.

A mother of two boys, she prides herself on being a full-time mother and enjoys traveling with her boys and collecting crystals and rocks wherever they go! Her youngest son Tobias Brown, follows her passion for art, even at the age of two! TeaMurduh plans to become a certified Art Therapist to help make a difference in the community, and be who she needed as a child. In addition to the above, she is writing her first book, set to be released this year, alongside her Michigan Women Walls of Fame project.

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