You Are a Traveler

Prints on Panel
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This image shows the artist's submission.  Photos of the final artwork will be posted when the artist has finished installing their work.

About This Installation

This piece is about the small contradictory space carved out by a riverbank in a park - between nature and humanity and between the river and the land. In this spot, park patrons stand on the threshold of many worlds - “You are a Traveler” is an encouragement to pause there and observe the many worlds within.

“You are between sky and ground, land and water, past and future. You are a traveler on a strange road, among people, among plants, among animals, among friends. Look closely, and breathe deep."

This ArtPath location is made possible in part by generous contributions from
Lansing Board of Water & Light

Find on the Trail

River Front Dock

This wooden dock overlooks the Grand River and the Adado River Front Park. This is in a popular area and close to the newly renovated Rotary Park.


About The Artist

Trevor Grabill
, MI

I grew up in central Michigan, and have spent my life in small cities and villages around the great lakes. My work draws on these places, which represent a combination of incredible natural beauty, rust belt decay, and rural midwestern neglect. These are places (or their inhabitants) that are readily passed by, rendered neutral by force of habit. My work highlights the essential strangeness, both beautiful and terrible, of the everyday.

Our world is shaped by very specific forces (often capitalism or resistance to capitalism) and, as such, absolutely nothing is inevitable. All of my work begins with drawing, often from life on long bike rides, in crowded places, or my backyard. Turning these drawings into block prints is a slow process of selecting the block and paper, then carving, inking, and finally, printing. Each of these steps hones the image, boiling it down to its most interesting elements while introducing the textures and voices of each material. The result is often as surprising to me as it is rewarding.

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